Sunday, August 31, 2008

WOM, Weapons of Mass destruction...

Those community members subscribing to our on-line store newsletter are familiar with the following article I had written there as a sequential comment on a sales pitch for flea & tick remedies. I think it was pretty cool, when mailing the newsletter I worded the reference with “Weapons of Mass Destruction found at Lizzy’s”. Though a little tricky, it worked and the result was awesome: The stats showed that the newsletter was read by more readers than the one which talked about the tragic fire at the local animal shelter earlier this year. Just goes to show, everybody still is looking for sensations. Here we go:

Warfare against Fleas, ticks & Co: Chemistry over Nature?
Some of the above listed flea and tick products contain some very potent ingredients, which may not be just only natural and very chemical indeed. While in general we are against using such ingredients in any of the products offered by us for your pets, we'd like to say this: Earlier this year we faced with a pretty serious tick problem in our own back yard. The problem had originated in one of the neighbor's trees and spread throughout the entire block. And when we say "spread" we mean we felt as if the yard was covered with ticks. We tried everything, starting out with especially products based on all natural ingredients. However there was no visible success, while we smelled like garlic cloves or a jar of herbs in Grammy's kitchen, these products made not even a dent. Don't get this wrong, they certainly have their place, which is as we see it for prevention and minor infestation. But let's face it, fleas, ticks and flies have survived 210 Million+ years on earth, which included at least 2 major comet impacts eliminating every other living creature including dinosaurs. They managed through 70+ atomic bombs in the testing grounds of the US Armed Forces, anybody who thinks some herbal essences or a little garlic smell is going to chase them away unfortunately is wrong. We finally decided to use products based on chemical ingredients and we got rid of the problem. The question was simply: What's the bigger problem, using chemicals or having disease infected pets? On behalf of our animals we decided to deal with chemicals. Our pets thanked us and came out healthy. If used according to the directions these products are most important safe and very effective. In Blitzkrieg manner our tick problem was eliminated within less than one week.

Why do I bring this up here? Because I believe in natural remedies and rather would prefer to use the same in dealing with the problem. What is your experience, what are the products you are using and recommending? I’d prefer to recommend a natural product over a chemical one, under one condition: It must WORK.

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