Friday, September 26, 2008

Saving about 75% on your vet bills with nutrition

Recent stats show us over and over again that most pets these days are obese. Or they suffer from other forms of progressive poor health, long before pet owners realize it, because the typically, the symptoms are often gradual, rather then abrupt, and start from the inside.
Our domesticated dogs and cats are by nature carnivorous animals, which means, they require real meat to survive and stay healthy. Most mass produced commercial pet foods corn, wheat, rice and other grains as one of the main protein source, and use compounds to hold all this grain into bite size pellets and shapes. Animal fat sprayed on the, otherwise flavorless, pellets coaxes the animal to eat it. However, that spray on fat not only fools the pet into believing they are eating real food, it also contributes to unhealthy weight gain. The added weight makes us believe that the pet must be getting enough to eat. That the food must be good for health of our pet. That we have succeeded in finding a good food for our pet.
Wait a second, not so fast. Actually the contrary is the case. The pet is not healthy, and not getting the food it's body was built to digest! Commercial pet food may look and smell like we think it should, but sadly, that is not because it is full of the health improving ingredients available from nature.
It is very common for many vets to prescribe a pet food or diet containing rice. I advise to use caution. This treatment plan can provide deceptive results. High in carbohydrates a sickly animal can appear to be improving as it gains weight. Weight gain, however, is not a true indicator of improved health. Has the pet stopped scratching or loosing its fur? Have any sore spots disappeared and did the fur grow back? Has cat stopped having diarrhea or bloody stools? Has your cat become energetic and full of life?
Try putting out a bowl of raw meat on the floor next to one of any commercial pet food, and your pet will let you know very quickly its instinctive and preferred choice. Your animal makes up its mind immediately. Clearly pro natural meat. A healthy choice too.
Raw meat diets typically replace fat with muscle. Poor health is substituted with optimum health.
Pet owners and care givers are the very people pets depend on for affection, shelter and survival.
It is up to us pet owners to take that first step toward restoring the health and longevity of the pets under our care. It is up to us to learn all that we can about the correct nutrition, the healthiest diets and the nutritional benefits accompanying these choices. Our domesticated animals eat what we give them. Real meat is what dogs and cats must have in their diets in order to be well nourished, strong and healthy.
When an animal is fed unnatural and synthetic ingredients, the malnutrition and allergic reactions that occur can easily open many doors to a wide variety of unwanted health problems. Some send us a signal, like horrible smelling doggy dumpsites and litter boxes, the giant globs of poop, the frequent scratching, pacing or whining, the excessive shedding, big and sad eyes, the snapping and growling when being touched, etc., it is a seemingly never ending list All these problems need to make us have second thoughts about owning a pet. They unfortunately way to often are problems or behaviors that can become the reasons for an unnecessary trip to the pound.
Good eating is preventive health. It will help us preventing minor to very serious medical problems.
What’s the best is that even if your pet is already suffering from any of the conditions I talked about earlier, starting to feed your pet a raw diet now can restore natural health quickly, and maintain it long term. Hence it is never too late. I don’t think you can show me a better way to prevent needless animal suffering and the high cost of Veterinarian treatment programs, medications and supplements.

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