Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cat allergic to fish

In today's paper this cat owner was writing in the pet corner that she found out her cat was allergic to fish and the world fell apart for her. She cannot believe it. And isn’t it rue, when we humans think cat, one of the first things coming to our mind is always this cartoon character with some fish cartilage hanging from his chops. But the vet put it all back together for her again by saying: “Many cats are allergic to seafood which is understandable. Where would they ever get fish in the wild? After all, the domestic cat was originally a desert dwelling carnivore.”
But he also made another important point, which is that it may well have been any corn products contained in the food. Or other ingredients, which, typically for cat food could be meats like beef, turkey or chicken. And just like me he’s preaching: Read the labels on the back, don’t just go by the pictures on the front of the bag. They very often have some very surprising news for you. He also says to not blindly following the vet’s diet recommendations, be open minded and consider, he too is just a human being and may not know it all.

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