Sunday, October 5, 2008

Solution for all your feeding problems

I don’t remember where I read this, but wherever it was, that person deserves credit for finding it. And so does the journalist working for the LA Times. They wrote on 08/312/08:
"With, what, a possible 4,000 deaths of American pets caused by pet food contaminated by ingredients from China, you'd think the pet food companies would be a little more aware of consumers' sensitivities.
I picked up a can of dog food at the grocery store a couple of days ago and read every letter of the fine print, looking for where the ingredients came from. Then I picked up another brand and did the same thing. And a third, and a fourth. A fifth. I even looked at the top and bottom of each can, in case it had been stamped there with an expiration date.
Here's what I did find, and it did absolutely nothing to reassure me. There on the label were the words: "Printed in the USA."
So, if I'm worried about the origin of what I'm giving my dog, I guess I can safely feed him the label."
Patt Morrison, Journalist for the LA Times
I think Patt’s idea is priceless. Only criticism I have is the fact that he’s shopping for his pet food at the grocery store. With the knowledge he has he should know better. You don’t find the right food there…

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