Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Recall Alert Update 02/11/09

Please check the Recall Alert for important updates posted today as the list of peanut butter related recalls of pet products possibly contaminated with salmonella is growing.

How many people and pets have been and still are unncessesarily exposed to serious health risks with in some cases fatal outcome? How much time has to be spent by parties directly or indirectly involved with the subject matter? All because greed for profit once again was given prioity over ethics and proper food manufacturing policies and procedures !!! At the expense of our very own human race and our companion animals. Let's hope that our new government seriously overhauls the current setup of the corresponding agencies supposedly in charge. These agencies are complaining about insufficient staffing? There is a great opportinity to create jobs and not just help the unemployed population, but also ourselves as the human race.

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