Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Effect of the state of the economy on our pets

The current state of the economy is hitting everyone hard. All of us are having to make sacrifices one way or the other. Like skipping an evening out to just fill up your automobile’s gas tank. Choosing a burger over a steak at the grocery store, less weekend trips out of town, even a vacation stay at home are just a few examples being more common these days due to budgetary restraints.
Needless to say, it comes to my mind that of course our pets are being impacted by this situation as well. What I am worried about is the quality of the nutrition provided to our companion animals. With the memories of the recall pretty much faded away in many heads, some pet owners may consider to switch from a premium food back to a low quality food from the grocery or discount store. Even if that switch may end up costing more in the long run as they will see their veterinary bills rising due to issues stemming from low quality ingredients.
I believe that every pet deserves the highest quality pet food available no matter the state of the economy and was hoping to get support from many pet owners thinking along those same lines. Maybe together we can benefit from alternatives other community members have come up with without sacrificing the health of our pets. How do you deal with the task on hand?

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