Friday, August 29, 2008

Pet food incomplete and out of balance

I cannot believe this: In my full time job running the on-line store we recently finalized our negotiations with one of the pet food manufacturers with the result that the store is going to sell their product. Don’t worry, I remember promising to keep advertising on this blog to a minimum, so I’m not even going to mention any name. And since the product details haven’t been published on the store’s website yet probably nobody will ever notice about which manufacturer I am talking here. Now comes the tedious part, putting everything together on the website, write detailed descriptions and market the product. While I started this task I noticed something very strange. Unfortunately a little late, but it is just one of these things we are taking for granted these days. It is the statement confirming that the food is “100% complete and balanced.” I looked at all the brochures, nothing. Neither on the packaging. Nor on their website. Even their training materials for our sales staff doesn’t mention it. I called them up, talked to their executive management and was told that they simply don’t make that claim. And pretty selfconfident they told me that they don't need to. From a quality standpoint and looking at the ingredients and their compositions I judged there is no doubt that they provide a superior food.
But now I’m worried. Did I jump to the wrong conclusion? Is this product going to sell or are pet owners just going to say “we are not going to buy a product which is not declared 100% balanced and complete”? How would you decide if you’d come across a pet food missing this declaration? What is important to you when buying pet food? I am all worried that I am going to loose my full time job over this since I may end up with a quite sizeable portion of slow or not at all moving inventory. How am I ever going to explain this to my management? Sure, to err is human, but this one is sort of just not excusable.

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