Friday, August 22, 2008

And just when did Rachael become a pet food expert?

Today’s news brought it up again: Rachael Ray now has her own brand of pet food. I saw it the other day at the local super market style pet food store. The bags look great, unfortunately I was too much in a hurry and didn't have time studying the labels. But I did so at home on the www. Holy smoke, it’s “Super Premium”. That is probably because it’s made with "Rachael’s Love" and EVOO (That’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil). Is "Rachael's Love" on the list of AAFCO approved dog food ingredients? Otherwise, the ingredients don’t look different than the ones in any other premium food, so after all it may not be bad. I’ll look into that deeper and analyze it some more in one of my future comparisons. Anyway, good luck, Rachael! Why shouldn’t you take advantage of your celebrity status and cash in on it. Being in your shoes I would do the same, you have to cash in as long as you are hot. Athletes and other celebrities do it too.
At least, when Michael Jordan sells his fancy sneakers and underwear I don’t have to worry that my dogs and cats get sick of allergies.
Ellen just did it, she even invested in a pet food company. Hope she spent enough money so that they can afford better pictures for their ads instead of their archived images with Ellen’s smile pasted into them in the most improvised manner. Because, Ellen, let me tell you: Making it look good on the outside seems to be all what counts to the masses of super market shopping pet owners.
Rachael: Just promise us one thing: Make sure it’s all healthy and good for our pets. I hate to see this turning into just another marketing gimmick. We got plenty of these in the pet food industry already. I plead: Don’t earn your bucks at the expense of our pets' well being.
And I have one last question: By any chance, do you know when Emeril is going to introduce his new 100% balanced, complete and all natural “BAM, Andouille and Chicken Jambalaya Dog Stew” ? I heard through the grape vines, it’s supposed to have a lot of his essence.

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