Sunday, August 17, 2008

Welcome to All About Pets & Pet Nutrition. Find out here what this blog is all about.

First and foremost I am looking for an outlet to talk about and publish what I am doing in my function as the “Pet Food Examiner”. To state facts and express my opinion. To expand my horizon by listening to how other health conscious pet owners think about the things I have to say. Stuff going on related to healthy pet nutrition. To get constructive criticism on what I have to say and on products available to us as pet owners. To learn from the experience other pet owners have and hopefully be able to use that experience in my job and recommendations. What I am looking for is factual input and participation. This blog is not supposed to be about any company bashing or unqualified or subject unrelated comments. My goal is to create a community within which every member can benefit from each other’s experience and knowledge.
Second I do it because my wife Elizabeth told me so. She says, let others benefit from your work and anyway, that’s the way things are done these days and it will help promoting our business. Initially I was a little against it since I see the danger of getting hung up on blogging too much and loose sight of my daily, regular duties and priorities. But I give it a shot. I promised myself though that I will take out one hour of my daily schedule to maintain this blog and to provide you with my thoughts and comments.
Besides the pet nutrition aspect I am also looking to discuss on-line business in general. What makes it work, what are we doing right or wrong, what is expected, simply what makes customers come, tick (or better "click") and shop.
Having said all this, I am inviting everybody to actively participate and am looking forward to some interesting discussions. If this sounds interesting to you I welcome you to participate and look forward to make this a project in the interest of our pets benefitting all of us.

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