Friday, August 22, 2008

Right down to the point, good health is so simple

I like what I read the other day on this blog’s news feed (on the lower right). There the feed showed an article titled “Family Time: How to keep your Pet Healthy – Keep those vet bills down” , written by Dr. Susan Lauten, a pet expert and nutrition consultant and published on the Norwich provided through ARA, a web content syndicator.
She says: ‘…
-Good nutrition is the key to good health. Instead of skimping on your pet food budget, select high-quality foods with high levels of meat proteins and whole grains. - Feeding your pet a variety of foods can minimize the development of food allergies. - Keep your pet clean and parasite-free. Paying extra attention to grooming during the summer months can help avoid skin disease, parasite-related diseases from ticks and fleas, and hot spots. - Make sure your pet visits the veterinarian for regular checkups.. - If your pet shows signs of illness, be sure to visit your veterinarian right away. Early detection can reduce the overall cost of treatment.”
Sure, these days it has become almost fashionable to provide advise on how to make sure your pet is healthy. If all the advise really helps remains to be seen down the road. I really like her’s because her writing is different, it’s short, right down to the point and easy to understand. Unlike others and that includes me, who always get carried away in too much detail. I don’t know why, but if I would have written the above I would have walked away completely dissatisfied and worried that I opened a can of worms and left all subsequently following questions unanswered. I like to see the reasons why someone says and does things, that makes it easier for me to be understanding and I guess I just extend that to what I try to get across to my readers.
Question: Why is it called “Good Health”? Isn’t bad health sickness anyway? Just wondering… (keep pets in mind when answering this question)

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